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  • Five new demos: Bacos-Bernstein-Händel-Kardeis-Stravinsky

    Demo day at VSL

    Jay Bacal did a great mockup of my favourite musical:
    Leonard Bernstein's symphonic version of West Side Story
    Symphonic Dances - Prologue

    Guy Bacos sent us a very refreshing piece for Piccolo trumpet and piano
    Lemonade Bitter

    Guy also did a wonderful new mix of Johann S. Bach's
    Air in G

    Christian Kardeis did a beautiful "pop ballade style" demo for our Bosendorfer Imperial
    Gently Sleeping

    Beat Kaufmann produced a classy version of Händel's
    Organ Concerto No1 op4
    with a lot of tutorial informations

    and finally Kevin Kliesch sent a lovely new version of Stravinsky's
    Dance of the Firebird

    thanks a lot

  • Jay, I am very impressed with this mock up, you always manage to make the more complex passages sound airy. Well done!

    All the others, Christian, Beat,and Kevin sound great as well! I haven't finished listening.


    Don't quit your day job!

  • On Bernstein, alarming realism. A thrill to hear.

    Why didn't you use the perf-leg clarinets starting at measure 28 (Time 00:29)? The standard issue sample attacks between notes was the only inauthentic moment I heard.

    Nit-picking? No. It's my version of high praise. Bravo, Jay.

  • I enjoyed listening to everyone's demos. I never tire of hearing the wonderful variety that VSL can achieve.

    Guy-- Lemonade Bitter has a lot of personality. It's exactly the type of chamber work I would enjoy performing. If only I could actually play the piccolo trumpet. [:)]

    Christian-- Gently Sleeping was quite touching and showed the new piano capable of a lovely pop tone.

    Beat-- the strings in your Organ Concerto sounded great. Were these all chamber?

    Kevin-- nothing like picking a real challenge. Well done.

    Plowman-- thanks for "nit-picking." [:D] Strange thing is that I used a medium portato for the first note in the phrase and the performance legato for the rest of the notes. Perhaps the interaction with reverb or the other instruments is making the line sound less smooth than usual.


  • I listened to it three times before posting, and I just listened again. I hear that sucking sound in between notes reminiscent of all my samples before VSL. Maybe they're too quantized? Maybe more rubato? Maybe I'm just plain wrong?

    That opening sound is so luminescent. Did you use the 4 second dyn patches? I don't hear any mod cross-over, but such things can be hidden in tuttis.

    I assume the next Cube edition will have patches of the entire VSL staff yelling "Mambo."

  • Plowman- yes, I did use the 4 second dynamic patches for the opening (and a number of other places too).


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    @JBacal said:

    I enjoyed listening to everyone's demos. I never tire of hearing the wonderful variety that VSL can achieve.

    ....Beat-- the strings in your Organ Concerto sounded great. Were these all chamber?...

    Hello Jay
    It has become the practice that I use the Chamber Strings together with the Solo Strings for Baroque Music. I always put these solo instruments "into" the orchestra with a little reduced volume level. The place of the instruments in the mix is the same as the corresponding chamber strings sections have too - to be precise the panorama position and the room depth.
    If the orchestra has to play p or mp I prefer a bit more the solo instruments by decrease the volume of the Chamber strings. Thise procedure is in accordance with the "truth" - so to say.

    Beat Kaufmann

    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":