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  • Help me choose a processor?

    Hey Folks -

    I've realized that I need another rig to run more of the library (as I acquire more). My question is: Will dual (and quad) core technologies (on a PC) help me out? Can the VI instrument take advantage of multi-threading? And is processor power, as opposed to memory, typically what gives out first? The system I am considering can hold up to 8 GB (but 4 is more likely). Right now, on a dual core system with 2GB, I find memory to be far more limiting. I'm thinking about the new 'Extreme' quad-core Core2duo (how's that for a misnomer?). Also considering the Extreme Core2duo.

    [And will the application even be able to access all of that memory?]

    Sorry for the simple questions - I'm very much the amateur user, but damn this thing makes make me happy!



  • a good choice currently would be the core 2 duo (E6600 or E6700, both 4 MB cache) - the extreme (X6800) does make no sense at the current price-level.
    the ViennaInstruments Player engine itself is not CPU-hungry at all.
    stress tests for another reason turned out 0,5-2 % per instance (depending on the loaded patch) on a single core 3,2 GHz and a 2 x core duo xeon (note: without the *2* between core and duo, this means previous generation, in total 4 processor cores).
    however the hosting application (cubase, nuendo, forte, plogue) used ~25% CPU (this includes the CPU usage needed for file-access between 15-30 MB/s streamed samples)

    32bit XP or VISTA is stll limited to 4 GB (means no more then 3 GB accessible by the player) - how the 64bit versions will behave has to be found out once we have 64bit hosts and audio drivers for the most common setups available.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks, you just saved me $500... More money for libraries!!! Or memory.