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  • Question re Jerome's Plogue MIDI CC to KS trick

    <<A friend of mine is installing the same kind of setup at Edward Shearmur's studio, except that he is a Digital Performer user. My friend found a way to make the whole concept work fine with DP, using transformers in Plogue Bidule. Basically, she made it so that Plogue is getting midi controller information from DP, transforms this info to keyswitches and then sends these to the VI. She's still at a very early stage of the whole setup, but that looks very promising! -- Jerome>>

    Hi Jerome -- first off, thanks for all your great contributions here. Your posts have been extremely helpful to me (and I believe to many other people) in getting going with VI. And to celebrate, here's one more question! [:)]

    I too am a DP user (as you probably know by now). I quoted one of your posts above, because I'd love any further info you have re the use of Bidule to simulate Logic's environment. Let me see if I get the basic idea:

    Set up a transformer in Bidule to receive, say, cc 104 (since you say you use that one). Within that transformer, a given value will trigger the generation of a note which will be sent to the attached VI and function as a keyswitch -- e.g., value 1 = B0, value 2 = C0, etc. Is this what you're doing? Is this what your friend is doing?

    And if so, can you give me any insight into which module I can use in Bidule to make this happen?

    Thanks yet again,

  • Hey plurye,

    I do not personnaly used or tested VI Farms + Digital Performer. I just know it is possible and it works fine.

    I think you're description of the CC to KS concept is right.

    I think Plogue has some sort of "bidule" they call a "transformer" (as in Logic's Environment). I could be wrong though. My friend is very busy these days and it's hard to get a hold of her... I'll try another time next week...


  • Thanks, Jerome. Hope to mess around with this myself in the next week or two.


  • As a side note, you don't necessarily have to convert from CC to KS. You can simply convert from CC to CC... it all depends on what kind of v-span/h-span switch you're using in the VI interface...