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  • saving in custom data folder again


    So at last I succeeded in making visible a Custom Data Folder in the VI.
    Next question:
    I am going to write for a saxophone quartet. So I created 4 instances of the VI instrument in Logic. I loaded 1 preset for each sax in each instance.
    Now if I want to save all these matrixes, do I save 4 times (1 per instance). Do I save the (different combinations of) matrixes on the matrix page as matrixes, or can I save these combinations of matrixes as my own presets? How should I do this?
    I am sorry having to ask these dumb questions, but I hope somebody will help me with this anyway.



  • Hello Gerard,

    yes, please save your setup in every VI instance (you can only save what you have in the given instance.

    You can save matrices seperately - there is a "disk" symbol to save on the right lower corner of the Matrix Assign window.

    And you can save the full preset as well. Same System here [:)]

    You can also delete files from these windows (use the "X" symbol to delete).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi

    Does every thing always go to the custom folder to be saved?  For example if I make a new drum preset, can you view it from folder /D-perc/82 Drums, or can you only access it by going to the custom folder?

    I ask this because at the moment I have two folders in custom data: PRESETS and MATRIX folders.  They both show up regardless as to whether I'm in the Preset select section or Matrix assign section of the instrument.

    Just wanted to make sure I'm not doing anything stupid regarding my library management!  It would be useful to store any changes within the same folder (e.g. /D-perc/82 Drums) rather than browsing this and then navigating to another folder, but I guess this may not be possible.



  • PS I didn't know if it was a good idea to copy these files over to the .dat folders??

  • Hello Stephen,

    all matrices and presets are saved in your Custom Data Folder - you can also create different ones, and you can manage the access in your Directory Manager. To keep it simple, I´d stay with one!

    Matrices should only show up in the Matrix Assign window, Presets only in the Preset window...

    Matrices and files won´t help in the same folder as your dat-files (why did you copy them over??).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL