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  • Alto Music NYC presents a Vienna Instruments Master Class

    Albeit last minute, Alto Music is pleased to announce that Paul Steinbauer of VSL will be coming directly from Vienna to discuss the nitty gritty details of the Vienna Symphonic Library, particularly Vienna Instruments. He will give a demonstration of its capabilities and answer in depth questions.

    Also, the software will be shown on a Mac Pro - equipped with Apogee’s new Symphony PCI card – performance that you have to see to believe – as in running the buffer size of your native application at 32 samples (not 256!). We have also outfitted this Mac with an internal RAID and will push it to its limits to see if the one-computer-Vienna-Symphonc-Library dream is possible.

    The event will take place Monday December 11th from 8 to 10PM at Skyline Studios.

    36 West 37th Street
    3rd Floor
    New York, NY 10018

    Tea and crumpets will be served – or perhaps just doughnuts and coffee...

    Please drop me a line if you think you can make it so I can order enough crumpets!

    Thanks and hope to see you there,

    “Dr. Koss”

    Shane Koss
    Alto Music NYC


  • Please post the results!!!

    I'm trying to decide if I should get/need a mac pro before Dec 31. (tax cut off for the year.)

    Is Paul coming to DC?

  • Thank you to everyone who came - we had a great presentation and good questions. For those who didn't make it - we hope to do it again in late January. The Mac Pro was a beast - Running 24 Instruments at 128 samples (buffer size) off of the internal RAID on the Mac Pro. CPU was around 15 percent!

    Thanks again,


    "Dr. Koss"
    Alto Music NYC