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  • saving in custom folder


    This morning I made a custom matrix and tried to save it into the custom folder. I use the floppy disc icon that I see on the matrix page).When I look on my harddisc I see that it is indeed saved in this custom folder. But when I look at the right side of the Vienna Instrument, the same file I saved shows up as a file (not inside a custom folder) inside the flute folder of my Vienna Library (The last file in this flute folder is my testfile, indeed this folder was open when I saved the file). In the video tutorial I the custom folder shows up in the Vienna Instrument on the right side.
    Obviously I do not want the custom files I make to be shattered all over my library, even when they seem to be saved in the right place when I look on the harddisc. How should I correct this? What am I doing wrong?



  • Hello,

    I made a mistake: the file that is saved is not visible inside the flute folder in the VI, but on the top level,so: beneath the strings- en woodwind folders I see my testfile.



  • That's exactly what it should do.
    If you place the file in any subfolder (inside your custom folder), you would see the folder an not the matrix file on top level. Maybe this helps you organizing your files.


  • Hello Herb,

    I don't see the custom folder or a subfolder of that folder. I just see the plain file.
    I want to see a folder. I hope I am being clear.



  • Hi Gerard, I think the way this works (and no doubt someone from VSL will correct me if l'm wrong!) is that you have one Custom Folder for all your personal stuff. The Custom Folder can contain sub-folders. At the moment I have three sub-folders inside one CF, and these three all show up as folders in the VI's Matrix directory.

    Try putting your test file inside a sub-folder within the CF, run the Scan Tool so the VI can see it and hopefully it will show up on your VI's display. My experience is this doesn't always work first time, you might have to re-start the VI more than once before you can see your sub-folders!