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  • Intel Mac Cubase 4 no GUI

    Anychance of an update on ths problem? Is it going to be difficult to resolve, any ballpark guestimates in terms of when we'll see a fix - i.e. before Christmas??


    PS. Forgotten where they original thread was so apologies for any duplicaiton.

  • EZ Drummer had the same problem and they had their fix up last Friday. I'm hoping this is going to be fixed by the new year.

  • The problem is being investigated. As soon as I have received further details regarding this, I´ll let you know.

    Best regards,

    M a y a

  • Thanks Maya - here's hoping it will be fixed soon.

  • I have recently bought an Intel Mac and downloaded the Intel compatible VSL Instrument application. I can't get it to work within Cubase 4, but have just found this thread which seems to imply there is a known issue with VSL Instrument and Cubase 4.

    Please advise on whether I should uninstall the Instrument software and how I should go about this.

    It would be sensible to alert users to this issue on your downloads page.


  • amathie - no need to uninstall unless you really want to. The VI does work fine in standalone mode (not massively useful from a C4 perspective).

    VSL Chaps & Chapesses any progress. Will we get a working VI VST before Christmas?



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    @timkiel said:

    Will we get a working VI VST before Christmas?

    We do our best!

    M a y a

  • I know Maya - fingers crossed here though hoping for a nice working VI in C4.

    All the best to you and the team!

  • Well, it's the New Year. Any news about the GUI bug.


  • Really...what's the hold up?

  • Hi all,

    we are currently testing a beta of version 1.11 where this problem is fixed. Some minor issues are still being investigated but I hope we can release it soon.

    Amathie, I sent you a PM.

    M a y a

  • since some weeks have passed after the last information was given on when we
    can expect an update i wanted to ask if there`s any news on this topic.

    not being able to use my new solo strings on my macbook pro with cubase 4 is very frustrating for me. will there be a solution for the gui-problem soon?
    i`m sure many mac users are waiting for it.
    after all... cubase has been released quite some time ago, hasn`t it?

    greetings from graz to vienna


  • Hi Andreas,

    We are still fine tuning the final version 1.11, which is about to be released.

    I also sent you a PM!

    Best, Marnix

  • Any news on the 1.11 update?

    I have switched over my whole setup from pc to Intel Mac... now that Native Instruments has caught up, my 7 VI's (10 by Friday - woohoo!) are all that I can't use in Cubase on my Mac.

    --Leo Wolfe