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  • Question about the çlassical'sax sound


    I just bought the VSL saxes and I am experimenting a bit with them.
    The sounds are great!
    One question: I am going to write a saxophone quartet for a classical group. The sound I often hear with those classical quartets (depending on the composition of course) is a beautiful 'round' sound that lacks the sharpness of a jazz saxophone.
    I think it has to do with playing with a different embouchure.
    Now this sound is present in the library, for instance in the legato performance patch of the alto sax, but only when playing rather softly. When playing louder a different, sharper, jazz-like sample is triggered that I do not always want.
    Is there a way to limit the patch to only the 'softer' sounding samples but be able to play them also at higher velocities?
    I could not find it yet, probably my fault.



  • Anybody?


  • you could try to low down your sequencers velocity-output to the point, where only the desired patch is triggered. to get a higher volume-output you need to increase the volume of the VI or the track volume.
    cheers, michael

  • Try using the filter to soften the edge of the higher velocity sounds. The filter is also great for creating realistic crescendos and decrescendos.

    You can also switch on the velocity x-fade button to control which layer you want to trigger.