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  • Fibrilating Distortion during playback in Logic

    Since installing the latest Security Update and the latest version of iTunes, I've encountered the following problems when running Logic Pro 7.2.3 on my dual 2.5GHz G5 (7GB RAM, external SATA RAID 0 dedicated to sample libraries, MOTU 2408 mk3, etc.):

    1. Significantly increased frequency of "MIDI and Audio out of sync" messages.

    2.Occasionally and, apparently at random during playback, the sound becomes extremely distorted and stuck on the note or notes being played in a sort of violent tremolo. This has happened only when initiating playback in Logic Pro. The file on which I was working on all occasions has 4 instances of the Vienna Instruments - - each instance consisting of a 24 patch matrix (but the Vln. 2 matrix has the same contents as the Vln 1 matrix and so shares its samples) - - and one instance of EXS24 loaded. The RAM block occupied by the Vienna Instruments software and samples is 2 GB.

    The first time this happened the computer froze completely for - - the first time ever since I got it in October 2004. The screen did not dim as in a kernel panic, but the cursor did not move and force quit did not work - - the computer had to be turned off manually. When this same phenomenon occurred again, I was able to stop playback. When I attempted to resume playback, the same thing happened. However, when I opened Activity Monitor to see if there was some kind of processor overload, the problem stopped and I could play back normally. (Activity Monitor showed that the maximum CPU use during playback was about 45-50%.) I have been working on this file for several weeks without problems prior to installing the updates mentioned above.

    As I said, this phenomenon has never occurred before - - not even when I was running 44 instances of Logic's own EXS24 sampler along with 4 instances of Vienna Instruments in Logic (RAM usage close to 3GB) and playing Logic's Audio Instruments back using Finale as the MIDI source. (Because of the apparently beneficial effect of Activity Monitor (N of 1, so far) I'm going to try keeping it running in the background.

    Anyway I'm hoping that someone here might have some insight into this... I'd be grateful for anyone's thoughts.