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  • Bonus Files for Horizon OPUS 1&2

    I'm a long time registered user of OPUS 1&2.
    A year or so ago, I recieved an emaili with a link to bonus files - some really neat stuff that I wound up using in my orchestral template. My PCs hard drive was damaged the other day, and I'm in the process of reinstalling Kontakt 2 and all the VSL instruments.
    I can't find the bonus files anywhere on the VSL website - does anyone know where I can get them?

    Many thanks,


  • The same problem here.
    Can someone tell me, where to find these bonusfiles?

  • These bonus files were temporary offers.


  • Thanks Herb,

    I'm always gratefull for such a gift. I hope I backed them up somewhere besides on the drive that crashed - The sounds were so useful that I put them in an ongoing television series. It's my problem if I've not backed them up - but let me know if you ever offer them again! [:)]

    your fan,


  • Herb same for me, I don't have the muted trumpets and so on and can not find it ? could you please provide us a link to download it ?


    (I'm a VSL Cube Pro and 6 VI volumes Owner)