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  • HELP! Just lost my L2 in Brass I in my Syncofoft License...

    All of a sudden my Perf Mted Tpts wouldn't work and after trying to load them back in I realized they were not listed in the VI. I then checked my Syncrosoft License Control Center all I have is "Brass I" and no Brass I L2...I've been using them since I purchased and really haven't done anything out of the ordinary so I'm a bit perplexed.

    What gives??? I hope this isn't an issue that I'll have to deal with often!

    If anyone can help me out here I really need to get back up and running!


  • Was the licence really there in the first place? I'm only speculating, but you might have been using the demo starts. If you are not sure I would check the Syncrosoft site to make sure that you downloaded the licences in the first place.


  • DG,

    You were absolutely right! MY BAD!!! I must have been running in DEMO mode and not even realized it!

    Now I know to download all of my "Extended Library" licenses...

    All I can say is, "what do you expect, I'm a musician!"


  • Glad it's now sorted. [8-)]