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  • Demo Modes


    Newly registered use here (haven't installed anything yet). I have a few questions about the demo modes:

    1. At what point in registration/installation do I choose a demo mode?

    2. Am I correct in saying there's no 30-day limit in Demo Mode 1 -- i.e., the starts can happen over a longer period of time?

    3. Re Demo Mode 2 -- in the 30-day period, can I theoretically get as many starts as I want, in groups of 30? (I understand the limitation regarding custom matrices etc.)

    4. Re Demo Mode 2 -- what triggers the start of the 30-day period?


  • peter, since you have registered a ViennaKey currently no further action is required, because each ViennaKey comes with a 180 starts demo mode (#1) which allows to open all VSL products. everytime opening a vienna instruments instance or loading a library not otherwise licensed on your key counts down the number of available starts. this demo-mode is not time-limited.

    in case you eg. add a new standard library and this demo mode #1 is already expired you can request a 30days/30 starts demo activation code (demo mode #2, this process is currently not automated) to open the respective extended library for 30 days. every 30 starts you need to reload this datelicense to check if the 30 days are not expired yet.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Ah. To make sure I understand: Demo Mode 1 is a property of the Vienna Key itself, and it automatically initiates the first time you perform a "start" with any VI standard library. After the 180 starts associated with that key, if I then purchased, say, the Vienna Saxophones Standard library, I would then need to request Demo Mode 2 for that library in order to be able to try out the extended Saxes according to the "30/30" protocol.

    1. Is that correct?

    2. If I purchased a second Vienna Key, would I get a second round of 180 starts? (BTW I'm almost certainly going to buy the upgrade to extended Cube -- just curious how this works).


  • ad 1) this is correct. the ViennaKey comes with the 180 starts all application demo to make sure you can start independantly from
    - you have an internet connection or not
    - the registration or license server is working or not
    - any kind of error occures with your registration
    or you are simply impatient [;)]
    ad 2) correct too - some users purchase a spare ViennaKey just to make sure if eg. their key breaks on a weekend they can continue work immediately for at least the *onboard* 180 demo starts.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.