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  • syncrosoft remaining starts

    OK, I finally got past the hurddle of getting all my machines installed. It took reinstalling syncrosoft several times to get to behave in both the PC and Mac.
    Now I have a question about the remaining starts. I have all my licenses but I haven't downloaded all of them to dongles yet because I'm figuring out what I want installed where.
    The License control center shows 170 restarts on most of my machines. The VI also shows licenses for all the libs in the left hand side, but unless I actually download a license, the VI will not show any presets, matrix or patches. As soon as I download a license, the content for that license shows up.
    I've made sure to run the down load manager to make sure it pointed to the drive with all the content, but no go.
    So, basically I figure that this remaining restarts is pretty much worthless because while you boot up VI, you can't load anything into it.
    Am I missing something here?

  • I guess no one cares to reply about this issue, which can present a real problem to working composers. I was relying on the temp licenses in order to make a smooth working transistion from giga to VSI. So far I haven't got one temp license to work on 6 different machines. This held me up for several days.

    Good thing I kept all my giga stuff installed and ready to go, because I would have been in a royal mess otherwise.

    I really think that you guys owe it to look into this issue so that people don't think that they can get VSI up and running with temp licenses that allow them to check out the extended lib or even just have some time to get their proper licenses downloaded and installed.

    Just a thought.

  • It is possible to have just a demo license on a Syncrosoft Key BUT it is also necessary to have the corresponding content installed and available on the computer. If there is no content available VI won´t see any.

    Please open Directory Manager to make sure that you have the corresponding content installed correctly on your machines.


    M a y a

  • Hi Maya,
    Thanks for the response. I have all of the content on every computer right now.
    I've used the directory manager as well. I've tried many times to point the directory manager at the content, but nothing I do make a difference. This is exactly the same on the Mac's and PC's.
    The VSI only sees the content once I've downloaded a license, even though I supposedly have 120 starts remaining for all the content.
    Also, as soon as I download any of my licenses, even for just one, all the demo licenses are gone - even the ones that should have remained.
    I think the demo licenses are pretty screwed up.

  • That is quite weird.

    Which version of LCC do you have installed?
    Regarding your Mac it might help to uninstall the current version and to install the latest version of LCC

    1. To do so please restart your computer

    2. Find and erase the following receipts from your Library folder:


    3. Empty trash

    4. Then please download and install LCC from:

    5. Now launch License Control Center to see if the Demo License shows up.

    6. Open then Vienna Instruments Directory Manager and remove all folders from your Directory Manager and add them again by Drag & Drop, please also redefine your Custom Data folder in Directory Manager.

    Make also sure that <put harddisks to sleep> is deactivated in your System preferences. This is the main reason why VI looses its content.

    I hope this helps. I like to ask you also to check your PM and send me an email with your Name. I will check your licenses then.


    M a y a

  • I did do that once already with one of the mac's because after not being able to use the demo licenses, I couldn't get the syncrosoft manager to download my licenses either. After I reinstallel the syncrosoft I still didn't have any demos, but at least I was able to download several of my licenses. I made sure that the hard dirve sleep option is off on all the machines.

    But what about the PC versions? I'm looking at the screen of one of my PC's right now that shows all the licenses on the left side of VSI and big fat red X and (empty preset) on the right side. I ran the VSI manager and added every folder for every one of the VSI libs.
    This can't just be my machine. Either I'm a complete idiot or something is surely amiss with this syncrosoft demo system. There is no way that this happen exactly the same accross 6 different machines both mac and PC and be something wrong in my machines.

  • tripit, usually this behaviour occures only if you don't have any paths added in your directory manager. (i'm assuming now you have already watched the vido tutorial in which you can see how to add paths)

    a few things regarding wording to make sure we talk about the same things:
    - downloading licenses means opening a syncrosoft license control center, pasting in your activation code and transfer the respective license on your ViennaKey.
    - installing a library means to run the Vienna Instruments LibraryInstaller, point to the respective and install content from the DVDs to a folder on a volume.

    some things to check:
    - your system itself is fine and you don't have any filesystem or permission issues.
    - you have set your custom folder to a location without any restricted permissions which might cause problems
    - your library data is stored either on a local drive or a permanently mounted network share and in both cases the permissions are correct.
    - if you have added paths to library data you have either added directly the folder containing the .dat files (and not any surrounding folder if using the ADD button) or added a group of folders using drag&drop from a finder/explorer window
    - no other vienna instruments software is active when you do so (also audio apps running vienna instruments as VST/AU are closed/quit)
    - to make sure everything is re-read correctly you reboot the machine after doing anything related to licenses or added/moved content

    hope this helps us to get a more detailed picture what goes wrong here, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi Chiristian and Maya,
    The problem has been fixed. I got a call from Paul (from Vienna) Turns out he was in Los Angeles so he offered to come by my studio to take a look. He discovered that the demo codes that came with the Vienna keys were bad. Paul was able to get the demos to work with his keys. So, we transfered the demo codes to my keys. If it should happen to anyone else, they should ask for new demo codes to be sent to them.

    Thanks to you all for such great customer service. I have to say I've never had a rep from a software company come by my studio to help fix an issue. I'm very impressed with the comitment and dedication that VSL team shows towards their customers.