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  • Best VSL Vienna Instruments Setup?

    Hi there,

    I'm wondering if one of you could be kind enough to let me know what kind of computers I should use for a fully-loaded setup of Vienna Instruments.

    I'm getting tired having to select the articulations I need and I finally took the decision to make a big step ahead.

    However I don't know what kind of power I'd need to make this happening and how much it would cost me.

    Right now, I have a Mac Dual G5 as my main DAW and one PC using Giga (lightpipe)

    What kind of hardware do you think I should take including RAM, Processor and Hard Drive requirements ?
    How many stations would I need?
    Should I go for Mac or PC?

    I'd like to have the updated version of this thread since my guess is that it changed in the last couple years.


  • Hey there,

    if you want to use a full orchestra (with the Symphonic Cube), you will definitely need more than one computer. I personnaly recommend using at least 4 PowerMacs or 8 Mac Minis.

    But it all depends on how many instruments you'd like to use, and if having everything loaded at the same time is important for you.

    Maybe this article might help you out :

    Just so you know, no computer today can allow you to load most of VI's samples, let alone play all of them at the same time. It's as much as a RAM issue (you can only load up to 3GB per computer) as a CPU issue.


  • Hi Jerome,

    Are you French?

    Thanks for your info.

    Ideally waht I'm looking for is a setup that will not stop my flow of writing.

    Right now, I find it very frustrating to freeze my tracks and to load/unload what I need while I'm writing.

    So would I like to have all the samples all the time? The answer is yes but I don't think I'll have the budget for it.

    However I'd like to have at least an intermediate solution with more samples that I have right now and that will grow with my budget [:)]

    Your mac-mini seems interesting.

    I'm wondering however how much it will cost per system including all the midi/audio connections?

    I'm using MidiOverLan so I think I can expand it.
    As far as Audio goes, what would you use?

    Sorry with all these questions but you seem to know more about technical aspects than I do [:)]

    Thanks again!

  • You'll need more than one computer, but also read this thread and put more RAM in your G5. I'm now loading about 7GB of samples reliably in one G5 with 8GB installed.

  • Hey Vincent-

    Yes, I am [:)]

    Look into the thread that Nick mentioned. If you buy one Mac Pro, you can already load up to 7GB of samples. You wil only be able to use channels 1-2 on your audio interface(s), but it's still a good temporary solution (until VI's Stand Alone allows us to select a specific channel).

    If you want to get more control over the mix, then having multiple slaves is definitely the solution.


  • I've been using Soundflower for one output pair and an RME Firewire interface's loopback mode for the other (loopback mode=onboard routing to same-numbered input so you can route it into a DAW).

    The RME is only on loan, though, so I'll either buy it or have to figure out another solution.

  • I'm hopefully looking forward to the day when one doesn't have to use multiple computers. I don't know, maybe I'm just trippin' out. [[:|]]

    I still use 1 computer but I also still run old Giga 2.5 along with the VSL Pro Edition (with the old Performance tool) and many other libraries-SISS, QLSO, SoV, etc... (I know I'm way behind the times), but the job still gets done although I admit I do run into 'droput' problems mostly due to running the new software libraries along with VSL (mostly QLSO), but I've still managed to still sell alot of stuff to stock music libraries for TV, commercials, radio, etc... (not trying to toot my own horn either, just true stories).

    I still find use of older samples that aren't so heavy such as the old Roland strings, DR2, Ethno World, Xsample, etc...I guess it's just a matter of knowing how to use these samples with the right expression and tweaking out.

    It would be cool if someone could make a one-in-all DAW that could handle V.I and other stuff altogether with no issues. For all I know it could be out there already.
    (Old school fart here [:O]ops: ).

    Recent specs:

    1.7 ghz P4, 1.5 gigs ram, one 40 gig hard drive for programs/apps and another 200 gig hard drive for samples, Windows 2000.

    ...Have to admit though, bouncing tracks saves my ass.

  • I also would like the one work horse solution. I shudder at the thought of having 5 PC's. And I consider myself fairly technically savvy.

    The only problem as far as I know is RAM limitations. I'm hoping that next year logic will be able to address 16GB of memory for the Intel Macs. I personally don't need to run every instrument of the orchestra. Not at the moment anyway. And like you Damon.. I have been getting good results as a working composer with my mangy old G5 2ghz using the the older Vienna Cube PE, and other older libs (AO,Miroslav,Project SAM) to name a few.

    My delema, so to speak, is should I jump in and get a Mac Pro now before this years tax season ends, or should I wait for the octo core Mac Pro. Above all hoping that a DAW developer will go 64bit, or do what ever is necessary to access this RAM! It's such a handicap.

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    @KubeImage said:

    I also would like the one work horse solution. I shudder at the thought of having 5 PC's. And I consider myself fairly technically savvy.

    It isn't that bad really. If you have several, what's several more? I know guys who have 9 and 10 PC's. If you get them all built the same, such as same motherboards etc. it's really pretty simple. Once you get to know one, you'll know them all. If you have a hodge podge collection of PC's then it's not as easy because you have to learn a bunch of different systems.
    Or you could just get a bunch of macs.