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  • Reliable way to use VI in a slave PC?

    Please share Your experience. I'm trying to connect Cubase4 to 2-nd computer with FX Teleport, but it has some troubles...Any other good methods?

  • Please describe your PC config. I've been using FX-teleport with SONAR for several months now with very few problems. I'm using a gigabit switch and network cards and have very low latency. You can search this forum for other users experience and PM them also for help. If you write Max directly, he might help you also; just not very quickly.

  • I have 2 good computers, slave is a new dual core, 2 gig ram etc. and it's dedicated to VI! Network is 100mbit-too slow? I can use one or two Vi instances OK in a slave pc, but when i try to use more, it hangs...
    How many instances can You open? What is Your main DAW latency?
    I like the concept of FXTeleport-is there any alternatives?

  • just a question: why don't you use a VST-host on your slavePC?
    we managed lately to run 24 instances on a single 3,2 GHz (with hyperthreading enabled and 4 GB RAM streaming from raptors and gigabit-network though)

    100 Mbit might really be to slow, especially if the connecting switch is not performant enough or you are connecting even with a hub only. depends what else you are accessing via network simultaneously.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks for the network info. Your 2 gb ram machine may need a ram upgrade if you're trying to run more than a couple of VI presets. When I first loaded the string libraries, my 2gb machine choked after two instances loaded. This can be a hard one to identify, because VI doesn't give you a running ram total, or any warning when it runs out of memory. You can test this out by building/loading your own VI matrices. I now have four slaves, all with 4gb ram, that are running 12 to 16 instances each without any problem. As far as latency is concerned, you should be able to run under 512 without any big dropout problem. For editing work, you can go much lower, then pop it back up for tracking and slide the tracks by the offset. If you really have to eliminate the audible delay, get gigabit cards and a gigabit switch.

    Christian - FX-teleport only requires the host to be present on the master machine.

  • Thanks!
    Peregrine-please describe Your system! I would like to connect 3 computers... Do You have Gbit connection? All little details are most interesting!!!
    Anybodu tried MIDI Over LAN? System LINK?

  • The VI network has a master and four slaves. All were built from combinations of ASUS boards and Intel processors (Core 2 Duo and D9xx), with 3gb or better ram. The master has SONAR as a host, connected to the slaves via FX-Teleport over a gigabit switch. With FX-Teleport, all the audio returns to SONAR over the network, so the slaves don't need sound cards. The average cost per machine was about $1000 US. The C2D processor made a huge improvement in performance. A normal template of Ivory, 42 or so VI tracks, and a couple other string libraries just hums along at about 30% cpu utilization.

  • Thank You!