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  • Using MIDIoverLAN with DP in local pipe mode

    Hi All,

    Well, I'm taking the plunge -- VI Symphonic Cube is on its way to me. However, until I get going with a second computer (or set of Mac Minis), I'll be wanting to try out VI in standalone mode with DP 5.11 (since I use DP in DAE mode, I can't just use the AU version of VI).

    I've downloaded the demo version of MIDIoverLAN, and now my Mac is communicating beautifully with my Giga PC (the latter will NOT be powerful enough to host VI, btw). I have 4 ports going to the Giga PC. I've put port 5 into local pipe mode on my Mac -- I'm trying to get MOL working in local pipe mode with another standalone (I'm using Garritan Jazz and Big Band) strictly for testing, so I'll be ready to go when the Cube arrives.

    BUT... although the GJBB standalone sees the MOL local pipe ports, I can't figure out how to send MIDI data from DP to MOL. I.e., shouldn't MOL create some sort of 16-channel device (called, e.g., "MolCp III") that I can select in the DP tracks window the way I would a MIDI synth or virtual instrument (i.e., similar to how an IAD driver functions)?

    Anyone done this/have any ideas?