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  • Appasionatta strings - before Xmas ?

    I hope the VSL team won't take the usual stance of refusing to comment on this question.

    With about 3 weeks to go before Christmas, it would be very helpful to know whether we are likely to get Apassionatta in our hands (actually in our hands; not on the way to dealers) before the holiday season.

    Whilst I can accept that in most cases it is in VSL's interests not to comment on release dates, I think it is a more than reasonable request on the part of customers to get a definiate statemement on this release soon.

    Please don't let Christmas creep ever closer with no word on this, especially if it means having to endure a last minute disappointment. (News of any expected delays would be recieved better now by your customers, than delaying any bad news until Dec 24th.)


  • it would be presumptuous to guarantee something. especially before christmas and because too much is outside our sphere of influence.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi Drew,
    the Appassionata Strings definitely won't ship before X-mas.

  • HI Sabine

    Thanks for the update.
    Oh well, at least the kids can have Christmas presents this year, instead.


  • I am disappointed.