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  • Organ library installing process

    Hi there,

    Been a while since I have installed a new VI library. Have the new organ library registered properly on my key - all is well there.

    inserted the 1/1 disk (with the organ samples). Started 'library installer' utility and it tells me right away the "Organ" library will be installed.

    Go through a couple of 'I agree' type screens and then get the following dialog box

    "Please put Konzerthaus Organ installer disk 1 than contains setup-Konzerthaus Organ01 cab to the following location and press ok"

    Then it gives location default

    drive C:\\Program Files\\Vienna Instruments (this is my operating system drive [*-)]:

    I pust "OK" and nothing happens. Not sure what it is asking me here.

    Anyone give a quick hand on this?

    Thanks in advance.


  • i didn't go through the organ installation by myself so far, but usually you should point the installer to the location of your DVD-drive (might be E:\\ or F:\\ or even higher), where it can find the file

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks Christian,

    I replaced the default 'C' for my DVD drive "F" - it looks like that is all I needed to do. It seems to be installing now.

    Is it suppose to default to c/programfiles, etc.??


    (in any case thanks for your help - I know it is late your time).