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  • Unusual Keyswitch Behavior

    Greetings VSLians,

    I came up with this issue today and have tried everything I know to solve it so now I'm lookin' for some help.

    In a song with many VI's open and working properly my 3 tracks of Vi horns won't keyswitch when I play back my Logic (7.2.1) song. I've checked my Control Edit pages info and H-Span is set to Keyswitch, it keyswitches manualy just fine, I'm on the correct Matrix keyswitch. I've copied and moved the MIDI track to another track and reloaded the VI with horns again. I've checked the MIDI track Event List for any untoward controller information. I've loaded articulations from a different instrument into the VI for the horn track. Nothing so far seems to make it work like every other track in the song.

    Obviously this is something I do everyday of the week. Please some one embarrass me with whatever silly thing I'm doing wrong today.

  • Hi Jack - are you running the VI's as plug-ins inside Logic? If so, are you experiencing this problem with three separate instances of the VI, each playing a different part? I have known MIDI notes to suddenly go 'dead' in Logic - when that happens I've had to resort to closing the song then re-opening it. Obvious stuff: check the MIDI parameters of the three tracks (over on the left of the screen) for any unwanted global transpositions, double-check that the keyswitch pitches correspond to the ones you set up in the VI's and make sure that the keyswitch notes are not individually muted (if they were, the notes would appear in the Event list with a dot next to them).

  • Conquer,

    I'm on a different computer now but yes, I did transpose those tracks! And I didn't take the keyswitches into consideration when I did that. That's got to be it. Thanks, I knew it had to be something I did. Everything else was OK.

    Best regards,