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  • HELP ME!!! VI Error message load!!!

    If someone has already had this Error Message when launching a song under Logic Pro 7.2.3 with various VI used... answer me!

    Error VI Message:
    Cannot find/Basses Orchestra wav/wav/02 Dynamics/KB-6...

    Around 20 lines appear like that & it becomes impossible to open the song...
    I have loaded a sound bank named "Strings orchestra" wich open me a first time the same error window but by clicking OK it disappears...

    But now it has became impossible to open the Logic song with more than 2 weeks work!!!!!!!

    I have to finish very important arrangements & it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • Two things:

    1/ Did you install both strings I and II? You can only use the Ensemble Strings patches when both Strings I and II are installed.
    2/ Try re-installing the samples from the DVD. Make sure you remove them from the directory manager first. It willl take you about 40 minutes, but if it fixes your problem, it's worth it...


  • Merci Jerome!

    I don't have both Orch I & II but I'll try to reinstall Orch I tho...
    If it works I'll send you a Champagne bottle!!!!!!!!!



  • Don't bother reinstalling if you don't have Orch.Strings II. you can't load
    string ensembles/orchestra as these includes cello and basses - and those two
    sections are in Orch strings II.

  • Well!

    I have reinstalled & always the same issue with the same error message,I think I'm gonna be mad I really don't know where the issue come from???...
    Why can't I reoppen this song?
    I tried to open other songs with VI & it works...
    I remove all the samples from the directory manager & reload them again but noyhing change...

  • The song won't reopen because Logic is trying to find all the samples in your Strings Orchestra patch, and as Sapkiller and Jerome have pointed out, some of them (the cellos and double basses) are from Orchestral Strings II, which you don't own.

    Obviously you need to find a way to make this error message go away. Have you tried hitting 'Enter' many times? If that doesn't work, try 'Escape'. If you can't find a command to shut the error message down, contact VSL support and ask their advice. It should be possible to play the patch with samples missing (Logic will allow that with its own sampler, the EXS24 - if it can't find samples it flags up a message, but you can tell it to go ahead and open the song anyway). If you manage to open the song, take the Strings Orchestra patch out and re-save the song with a different name so you don't lose your two weeks' work!

    To recreate the sound of the Strings Orchestra patch as you've been hearing it you have to layer the violins and violas, with the violas playing no higher than the E above middle C.

  • Well first I would like to thank you: Jerome, Sapkiller & Conquer!

    I solved the issue after 8 hours but it seems to work!

    For those having the same F******* issue you have to:

    1- Remove Orchestral strings I from Directory manager
    2- Uninstall (or drag & drop thru thrash & empty it)
    3- Reinstall Orch Strings
    4- Drag & drop from the current folder (HD) your samples you've installed; inside
    the directory manager - EXCEPT- folder named "Strings

    By that way when you launch your song VI doesn't search the folder where the issue comes from...

    But it only solves one part of the issue: Why can't I use this "Strings Orchestra" folder?
    Is it only works with both of the Orchestra Strings I & II?

    Take care!


  • Hi Fab, glad you got your song back! It seems that the Directory Manager causes this kind of difficulty from time to time. I think it might have been possible to reorganise the directory without re-installing all the samples, but the main thing is you got there in the end.

    The reason you can't use the Strings Orchestra patches properly is that you don't own Orchestral Strings II. All the patches in the Strings Orchestra folder use a combination of violins, violas, cellos and basses. Orchestral Strings I (which you have) contains the violins and violas, but the cellos and basses are on Orchestral Strings II. So when you load a Strings Orchestra patch it looks for ALL its samples, and when it can't find the cellos and basses, it flags up an error message.

    This is a drawback of VSL splitting the Orchestral Strings across two titles, but it's probably better that they did it that way rather than combining them in one expensive collection!