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  • Logic Pro keeps re-loading VI

    Hi everyone,

    I have got a problem whenever I use Logic Pro (7.2, on an Intel MAC) with VSL. I load everything into a song and it works fine. Then I open a second song, to copy some MIDI data or whatever, and then when I return to the first song, the VI needs to reload again. It doesn't take as long as the first load, but it still takes very long. As far as I can tell, this does not happen with other samplers (although I only have the EXS24 to try it out).Is this expected behaviour? Or is it a bug in Logic?

    Secondly, is it possible to change the names of the little floating windows that open when you double-click on the I/O button on an audio instrument? Simply naming the track itself does not appear to be sufficient.

    Thanks for any help!

    and by the way: Great product!!!!!!!!!

  • i think, there┬┤s no way to speed up this! all the NI kontakt/kompakt bundled sample
    stuff needs to reload again (and they┬┤re quiet terrible slow in loading!!)
    as far as i know, the logic option to keep buffered samples in RAM while changing the song only belongs to EXS 24 ...


  • I use DP more than Logic and don't ever remember having a feature akin to DP's V-Rack. This allows the user to set up a group of virtual instruments and then change projects without having to reload the instruments.

    As for the floating windows, if there is a mini menu available, you can name that particular instrument for easier Logic reference. This feels to be a bit of a redundancy since VI saves its own console configurations as well-- plus the need to have a host VI window that in turn opens a VI console has never made sense to me. No other VI that I have works this way, but no other VI that I have sounds as good.

    That doesn't mean that the feature isn't annoyingly intrusive. Keeping track of all the double windows gets a bit unwieldy at times.

  • Thanks for the tip about the floating windows! i have them all stacked on my second screen. That way I have them fairly easily accessible. Of course, it's still annoying to have these extra floating windows at all, but now that I can name them it's that extra bit easier.
    Shame about the buffering issue though, but it sounds like it's more of Logic thing then.


  • Cons,

    When you are copying data between two different open Logic songs you first want to go to Preferences/Audio/Drivers and uncheck the Enabled box.

    This turns off the particular audio driver you're using (for example, coreaudio). Then you can transfer the MIDI tracks or data from one open Logic song to another.

    When you're through transfering the data go back to Preferences/Audio/Drivers and re-check the Enabled box. Then all the audio instruments, etc. will perform a final (& one time) re-load and you're ready to go back to work.

  • Thanks for the help Jack.
    Your way still feels like a workaround, though, as it wouldn't encourage frequent switching between songs. If i did correctly, Logic still reloads everything once I re-activated the audio driver.
    It is still helpful when constantly switching between two songs in one go, but still not quite the way it should work. I am quite convinced now, though, that this is a Logic issue.