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  • VSL Podcast -- Show 26

    Hey everyone. Took a week off but I'm back now with your Podcast. I talk about Stereo width and why you should look to narrow your instruments for big orchestra's and not so much for a small group of instruments. Also we have music from Todd Jones, and Mark Winter, and of course Beat Kaufmann. I will be amending my mixing topics on my website soon with new information and some new logic session templates. Thanks to all those who sent me e-mail letting my know how much they're enjoying the show your comments are gratefully appreciated.

    Hope you enjoy.

  • Hetoreyn,

    Another good show, with interesting advice on stereo width.

    And some information:
    The panner i sent you is freeware,from a site called, the link for which was posted in this forum by a member named Xcell. (Thanks X. Great tool)

    So two useful logic sites to visit: (in german) (in english)

    Both have some good suggestions, templates, environments, etc. and have LP trainers in 'residence.' I've received a great deal of help in my continuing, (and possibly soon to be finished), logic saga.

    Regards, and hope you get well soon,


    p.s. If you don't like taking pills for a cold, there's a natural remedy that has proved useful for me, both in terms of illness relief, and the (very) occasional preventative dose.

    Warmed Cognac.


  • Aye, thanks for the tips about the cold .. I shall look into that [:D].

    I have put the Stereo Panner on my site though I'm now glad I can credit the right people. I'm going to be redoing my mixing technique section .. as I keep saying [:P] .. and hopefully include all the presets for everything .. Panning. reverbing and all.

    Thanks again.