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  • RAID... or not?

    Hi there!
    ...I've tried to do a search... but, for me is too difficult understand some tech terms... so, sorry, I prefer make a simple/dumb question...:
    I've got my VI on two external LaCie FW800 (250GB) HDs... (connected at the only-one FW800 G5's controller/port)...:
    if I make a RAID, with those HDs, I'll get a better performance? ...or is it useless, knowing that the controller is just one (the HDs are connected in chain, of course...)?


  • you can raid FW-disks on OS X, but i wouldn't do that for 2 reasons (assuming a raid 0 - striping - is the intended operation):
    - if you loose one drive you loose all data and have to re-install them
    - there is no performance increase because spreading data across 2 disks (even on the same FW-bus) has the same effect - actually is better because no overhead by software-raiding is added

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks, cm! ...I have to find a different way then... I'll go with my internal 2nd S-ATA HD... that, I think... hope!, will go better than the external FW 800...
    [:D] R