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  • J.S. Bach Air in G

    Guy Bacos sent us this charming version of one of the most popular pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach, the Air in G for strings.

    Guy masterly used all of the Vienna Instruments string sections with main focus on the Appassionata Violins and the Chamber Strings.

    thanks a lot Guy

  • Terrific. Very nice work there and very musical.

  • Thanks Dave and herb. [:)]

  • Hi Guy,

    I admire the emotion you were able to put into the Bach. Too often people concentrate only on the mathematics of Bach and leave out the passion.

    There were a few places where I felt the vibrato of the violins was too strong but this is highly subjective and very picky.

    Nice job.


  • Hi Jay,

    Thanks for that non "scientific" comment.... [[;)]]

    Don't worry, you're not being picky at all, I'm aware I over did it with the vibrato, I was living in vibratoville for this piece [*-)]

  • The only thing with the vibrato is if you notice it instead of the music, but for me, I like it in this piece it's a unique version.


  • Hey Guy,

    great demo, really nothing to add, but I want to ask one thing:

    What happened to the sound? It seems like there is a big cut somewhere in the high and mid area, but I am not really sure.

    Did you use Altiverb for that demo?
    I don't know how to say, but it sounds like you were using Altiverb and left the color button on. Just like AV is adding several direct levels.

    Sorry, please don't take this offensive but I am just asking and wondering, why nobody heard this. In the meantime I pray that I don't have mid or hi cut somewhere in my setup ( [:D] ), but other pieces still sound the same as before.

  • Beats me! [:'(] All I can tell you is since I've done a new version with less vibrato all around, more traditional. Hopefully I can have it here to replace it.

    I'll ask Miklos about your comment.