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  • Cannot Install VI (file corrupted?)


    I've just purchased the Vienna Instruments Orch Strings I & II. The Orch strings I just will not install. After inserting the DVD #1 and following the instructions eventually it gets stuck on Violins 17.dat and an error message appears saying:

    Cannot read installation package (file is corrupted?)

    I've tried it about 6 or 7 times now and exactly the same thing happens. What's strange is that the Orch strings II had exactly the same message except that when I tried it for a second time it worked fine....?

    Has anyone seen this before, I think it's most likely something to do with the disc.

    I've downloaed all the current software and registered the VI's.

    Any help greatly appreciated

  • Hi Jim,

    I've had a few similar problems installing the VI libraries. I suggest you examine the surface of the DVD's to make sure there are no scratches or finger marks (if they're scratched, ask for a replacement) and make sure your DVDR drive is well-ventilated - I found the problem occurred more in the heat of last summer. What worked for me (once) was using a CD lens cleaner (a CD with little brushes which you insert in the drive and run for 30 seconds or so) prior to installation.

  • Hi thanks for that. You've confirmed my suspicions! The DVD does have a little smear on it so I'll try giving it a clean.

    Thanks again