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  • using VIs with Sonar or other sequencers

    OK - I have mastered using the VIs with the VSL interface - ok, not mastered, but I get the idea and am getting comfortable with it. Now, I want to use my VIs with my midi sequencer - I use Sonar 6.0. Is there any detailed documentation regarding use of VIs with sequencers?

    My biggest question is: will I have as much expressive control using VIs with my sequencer as I do with the interface in standalone mood? I am not clear as to wether you load individual files into your sequencer or wether you can load whole matrices into it.

    Any help willbe greatly appreciated.


  • I use Sonar 6 too with VI's. - you have the same control in the VSTi as
    in the standalone and you can load matrices, patches and performances
    just as you like.

  • ... but you can load several instances of the VI plug-in so you'll be able to play more instruments at the same time [[;)]]

    VSL manuals