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  • VIs are truely amazing, but I have a few questions

    I just bought the VI woodwinds and brass and I must say, they are profoundly realistic. I'm sure I'll have tones of questions as I get into them, but I have two right off the bat. I'm curious as to why the standard edition Bassoon has no sustain file in the short and long note file, there are only staccato and portato, all the other solo winds have those two plus sustained notes.

    Second, one of the things I really liked about the pro edition sets were the files that controlled velocity by key switch and mod wheel for fine adjustments in volume. I could create very nice release by pulling back on the mod wheel until sound was cut off for a nice fade. Is there anyway to do this with VIs? So far, I have found that even on the perf legato notes the release is rather abrupt. I know I can adjust the release, but that would effect all notes and I just want a longer tapered release on the last note. Anyway to edit this so you can use the mod wheel for volume adjustments?


  • Sorry for the missing basson sustains. This is a mapping error, which is already fixed with our Library Updates.
    To get access to bassoon sustains you have to run run the Library Update of Woodwinds I, which you find in our User Area/Vienna Instruments/Library Updates page.

    You can add any controller to the Release Fader (REL fader on the PERFORM page), so you can adjust release times only for certain notes on the fly.
    For volume changes (without velocity layer crossfading) simply use the Expression slider (EXP fader ond the PERFORM page). If you choose modwheel for controlling this slider you'll get volume changes controlled with modwheel.


  • thanks for the quick reply, Herb!