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  • Clovertown, VI and MIR

    Eventually PC's and Macs will have two quad-core processors, using Intel's new Clovertown chip (officially announced today). That's eight processors total. It's uncertain how quickly computers will begin to ship with Clovertown, and there's no telling when our DAW's will make full use of them. But this technology is inevitable, be it weeks, months, or a year in coming.

    How important will eight processors be both to VI and MIR, and how soon does VSL plan to make use of them?

  • In Vista, 1 core is dedicated to Quake, 6 dedicated to security, and 1 dedicated to user processes.

    In Leopard, 6 cores will be dedicated to screen-redraws, and 2 dedicated to user processes.

    The Mac wins, hands-down.

    (sorry, couldn't resist. Technology is *really* irritating me today...)