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  • Classical Saxophone Quartetts online

    Jay Bacal did it again, and so I can proudly present our first saxophone quarett demos using soprano, alto, tenor and bariton saxophones.

    Two excerpts of Alexader Glasunow's Saxophone Quartett op 109:

    Canzona Variee

    Finale (excerpt)

    thanks a lot Jay

  • Jay,

    It's quite a feat to get warmth of sampled sax in a slow movement but you (with the VSL sax) seem to have done that.

  • Wow, this saxos are the next VSL product I'll buy, for sure.
    I just have to hear the power trumpets ! [8-)]

  • Great job again Jay.

    But before I jump I need to know if these saxophones have the capability for convincing jazz - Breathy, smooth Stan Getz style; brash, edgy be-bop; powerful big band unisons and warm, chordal passages with heavy vibrato?

    Come on chaps get to it. [:D]

  • Amazing Jay, gj!

    And what a fantastic piece the Canzona Variee is. Never heard of Alexander Glasunov before, but I guess I will have to investigate. [:)]

  • Guy-- Thanks for always taking the time to post your reaction. Greatly appreciated! As you know, postings on forums like these are sometimes the only way for a cyber-performer to know his/her "audience" is listening. [:)]

    SyQuest-- you wont' be disappointed with the saxes. There's a ton of great material here. I haven't even listened to the bass sax yet. [:O]ops:

    cwillsher-- While perhaps not their original intended purpose, I believe these saxes are capable of some satisfying jazz simulations. I'm fairly certain some jazzier demos will surface in the future.

    Vagn-- I too had never heard this piece until Herb suggested I take a stab at it. That is one of the joys of doing this-- discovering new composers and new works by familiar "friends."