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  • Concert Organ stacking

    Hello Good friends.
    I received my concert organ today. Glorious sound!!! However, how does one stack several sounds (stops) to create the organ. Am I missing something on the VI engine? I know one can stack two sounds (cells) but one should be able to stack several organ stops. How can this be accomplished? Is there some text on this subject concerning the organ?


  • You can stack four stops at once using the parallel cell.
    More stacks in one instance could cause polyphony problems.

    Therefor we offer a lots of registration where the stops are already combined. It's also a good option to expand these registrations stacking with extra stops to them if you need very advanced registrations.


  • Thanks Herb,
    I am not familiar with the organ yet. Currently I loaded one of the big files listed and was able to play each sound(stop) by moving the mod wheel. Could you tell me where the combinations are located? Just give me the patch name or location to start me off...

    Thanks again ...also Will there be a VI for the concert guitar??? currently I believe it is still in giga for me.


  • In these patch folders

    06 MANUAL - Registrations
    16 PEDAL - Registrations

    you will find combinded Stops.

    If you select any of these patches you will see in the information window in the center which stops were used.
    For example the first one:

    201 Small Principal Plenum

    these stops are listed in the informations:

    38 Prinicipal 8'
    30 Octav 4'
    42 Superoctav 2'
    45 Mixtur 6f

    So if you would combine these four stops you would get the same sound as you use the single patch Small Principal Plenum.


  • Got it ...thanks Herb.. Great SOUND

    By the way, any chance the concert guitar will become a VI instrument.