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  • Question about VSL VI Percussion

    I searched the forum but did not find the information I wanted.

    The Taiko drums in VI Percussion - is there some more info (the base lib, not the extended):
    how many instruments (like sizes), what single hits (like center, side), how many dynamic layers?

    What are the effect hits that are mentioned for the Taikos in the Extended lib?

    Thanks for the info


  • Is this a secret? is it against the license agreement to say something about it? Or do ask about it? [:)]



  • Hi Steff,

    Information about velocities and alternations are described in the percussion manual on page 52. (for single hits there are 8 velocity layers, and there are normal hits, rims, rolls and dynamic rolls)
    Taiko FX is extended content, it's a low tuned large taiko drum, so you get a soft-superbass sound.

    Sorry I don't know the measures of the taikos, we didn't document it.


  • Hello Herb,

    thanks a lot.

    Well, I am afraid I will need to buy the VI Percussion before I can have a look to the manual, right?
    is there also an info of how many different Taikos were sampled (sizes)?


  • hello steff.

    we recorded 7 different taiko drums (from samll to huge). every one with 8 velocities, left and right hand, rim hits, rolls, crescendo and diminuendo rolls.

    in the extended library you also get performance repetitions and an fx-set of the low taiko.

    kind regards.

    andi (vsl percussion department)

    Vienna Symphonic Library