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  • Notes played for the first time don't sound immediately

    Hey there,

    I'm trying to get an idea of how many people get notes "not playing" when they just loaded the samples on their slave.

    It happens the first time I play a note, after loading all the patches. Some notes won't play on the first key stroke. It seems like the patch has to load itself in memory first, somehow (even though it's already loaded in the matrix). It doesn't happen for all the notes, only a few of them.

    The problem only seems to happen on our Mac Minis, and less often when the samples are on an external hard drive instead of being on the internal system drive, but since it's pretty random I can't know for sure.

    So I was wondering if anyone had the same issues.

    Any thought?


  • Hi Jerome,

    The internal drive on the MacMini spins at 5400rpm so it may be a little slow on seek time for samples. Earlier this year I tested Logic on a MacMini and don't recall having exactly the problems you mentioned but I had my samples on an external drive so maybe that was the difference.

    I did, however, have other troubles with jittery playback. Not sure if it was Logic on the Mini or audio or midi interface. But the problems went away when I went back to Sonar on an XP box and FX-Teleport.

    Running the samples exclusively on an external drive doesn't eliminate the dropped notes? Also, do you see the midi input signal in the VI interface but no sound output indicator? It may be that your volume controller has somehow zero'd just for the first note and then resets itself properly for later notes.


  • Hey Steven

    Our Minis are modified and use 7200rpm drives.

    I'll check the volume thing, it might come from there!


  • Jerome - which drives have you gone for - I was looking at moving to the hitachi 7200 100GB ones.



  • That's the one we're using!


  • Hi Jerome,

    Did you change the drives yourself? If so how was it? I was thinking of bumping the memory in mine up to 2GB but heard that it can be somewhat difficult to get the MacMini case open and shut again.


  • Hey Steven,

    you will find videos on how to open your Mac Mini here :">