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  • Problem hearing double stops

    I am new to this product. In my first attempt to apply the Solo Strings to a violin and cello line, I noticed that I cannot hear the full eigth or half note double stops. Sometimes, if I listen very carefully it seems like one of the notes is treated as a very fast grace note, but other times I do not even hear the "grace note". To keep things simple here in my first attmept to use VI I applied the Perf-Universal matrix, perhaps this is inappropriate for double stops?

    I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how to handle these double stops, so they can be clearly heard for their full note value.

    I thank you in advance,

  • Hi Jerry,

    it would help to know which patch your are using. If you're using a legato patch, they are monophonic and thus you can only play one note at the time (hence the legato feature). If you want to play two or more notes at the same time, you have to use the "regular" patches (ie. non-performance).


  • Jerry:

    As Jerome indicates, all the performance inteval patches (e.g VI_perf-legato, VI_perf-detaché, VI_perf-marcato, etc.) are monphonic and attempting to play a double stop with any of them results in precisely the effect you describe.

    To play a double stop you need one of the non-performance patches such as those found in the Short+Long Notes folder (e.g VI_sus_vib, VI_detaché_long_vib, etc.) - these patches are polyphonic.