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  • Apparently I have no licenses again

    I'm running VI 1.11 and Syncrosoft 5.2 on XP/SP2 under SONAR 5 producer. The 1.11 was a fix I received for a SONAR-specific velocity problem. After installing the fix, the VI interface says I have no licenses installed. The appropriate licenses appear in the LCC. This has happened before, but I can't find the notes on the resolution. Someone please help me before I kill myself. I promise I'll keep the documentation this time.

    FYI - I've already tried rollback and restart.

  • Hi Peregrine,

    as mentioned in the support response I sent you 5 minutes after you mailed me: Please donĀ“t kill yourself!

    IĀ“m sorry V 1.11 isnĀ“t working as it should. We didnĀ“t encounter any problems in our tests.

    You havenĀ“t answered to my response yet, but as you are the only one having this specific hotfix, we might as well keep this on a personal level [:)]

    Thanks a lot,


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Same thing is happening here to me right now. I'm on a Mac G5, OS 10.4.8

    After the spending entirely too much time getting the library content to be read from the DVD, but finally getting everything working, I re-booted my system, to clear things out, and now my Vienna VI, stand alone, or in Logic, is telling me I have no licenses installed.

    It was just working an hour ago!

    The syncrosoft license is seeing all my instruments, so what gives?

    Why does this have to be so difficult?

  • Hello Jaimo,

    it canĀ“t be the same thing, as VI 1.11 is not available for the pubic yet....

    So I need more info from you:

    Which version of the VI are you using?
    Which version of the Syncrosoft LCC are you using?
    What happened before (with Peregrine it was the installation of the new version)?

    The more info you can share, the more effective we can help you [:)]
    You can also write to, of course.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul.

    I got things working again by re-downloading and re-installing the Vienna Installer, 1.10, for PPC Macs.

    I have the latest Syncrosoft license installed as well

    So I'm not really sure why this happened. I'm glad I got it sorted out relatively quickly.

    Still, at this point, I'm a bit nervous as to why this happened. Any ideas?