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  • Motif, mLan, Logic Pro and VI

    Im trying to set up the Orchestral Strings to use with Logic Pro and my Yamaha Motif ES8 with mLan firewire-audiocard (mac G5, dual 1,8 gHz).

    I just get clicks and crackles when Im playing the VI as Audio Units in logic.
    It works well with other AU.

    However, when I use my Digidesign mBox as audiocard (USB) it plays fine. I guess its something to do with the yamaha mLan driver and/ or VI.

    Anyone else with same problem/ equipment?

  • trondhus, whereas mLan is a communication protocol to transport audio between two machines (or devices) audiocards using firewire connectors usually work fine (eg. RME fireface). unfortunately i don't know the ES8 in detail, but possibly mLan drivers are colliding with data transfer to the audiocard (too much bandwidth reserved for mLan), if possible try to reduce the number of used/configured channels for mLan

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Sorry I should have been more spesific.
    I have added an mLAN card to my MOTIF ES and this transforms the synth into an audio/MIDI interface. It gives me 24-bit/96 kHz 16 channel I/O, and a Multi Port MIDI Interface. All this, and a great controller, with just one firewirecabel.

    I should also point out that VI works fine with the Standalone and the Motif w/mLan.
    In fact we have used it for 144 sold out shows of the musical "Les Miserables" this year at Trøndelag Teater, Trondheim.

    I have tried to rise the buffer settings in Logic, but no luck. I should also point out that the VI samples is read from an external Oxford firewire-disk.
    I just read in another thread that reordering the firewire chain can also be helpful. I´ll try that tomorrow. [:)]

  • trondhus, firewire devices can *publish* their needed bandwidth to the bus (eg. video cameras *introduce* themselves to the controller as *live-device* to get more bandwidth as usually would be assigned) - a possible reason could be found here.
    generally we do not recommend to have a firewire disk for streaming samples (or recording the output) on the same bus as the used firewire audio-card, although it might work flawlessly in certain situations.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.