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  • Which Intel Mac VST (i.e. Cubase 4) Reverb for VI?

    Hi guys, looking for a bit of help.

    I (did) use wizooverb w2 and also my tc electronic powercore reverbs for VI. Now I've upgraded to Cubase 4 on my new Mac Pro neither of these options currently work.

    W2 probably won't be upgraded as wizoo no longer exists and maudio don't seem to know what they're doing with the product. TC haven't got UB drivers until Q1 2007 (which could be 3-4 months away at least).

    So my question is what reverbs are others using? Altiverb doesn't support Cubase 4 yet either so I can't use that.

    Anyone have some pointers?



  • This is a problem I came up against too, with my Macbook slave. Luckily, I'm piping digital audio into my G5 now, so I can use the older VST/AU options on the return. But before I got my macbook "hardwired" into the G5, I was just monitoring through the analog out and actually used the Apple Matrix Reverb. It's actually pretty good. With some tweaking, it could get you through at least.

    btw, doesn't Cubase 4 have a decent reverb? I would have thought they would pop an impulse verb in there to sweeten the deal...(??)


  • Does your VSL work in Cubase 4 on your Mac Pro? I can't get mine to work...

  • Johnkenn - hi I don't actually know yet as I've been away from the Studio the past 4 weeks. I am back this weekend so will be installing C4 then.

    I'll let you know.