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  • Syncrosoft/Chamberstrings

    Dear VSL-Community

    Recently I downloaded Syncrosoft's new LCC, Version After that I could not load any VSL preset. All Instruments were set correctly in the directory manager.
    After checking out bit by bit, I explored that all instruments works fine except the Chamber Strings. If the CS are indicated for loading in the DM the spinning ball falls in a never ending turn.
    Question: Could there be a correlation between LCC and the licenses for CS?
    Could someone tell me where to find an older Version of LCC for mac?

    Thank you for answering and for your precious time.

    Best regards

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    welcome tom,
    no - the reason has to be found somewhere else. i'd recommend to remove the chamber strings references in the directory manager and add them again (using drag&drop as described in the diectory manager video ).
    just to make sure everything is re-read again reboot after you have done so.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • hello christian
    thanks for your reply. I tried according to your instructions. Unfortunately there's no change in behavior. I drag&drop the whole Library (incl. ChStr), then reboot, rescan existing in DM, then launch VI standalone, nothing happens.
    In a next step I removed all the ChStr in DM and without rebooting I re-launched VI. After 58 secs. VI was there with all licenses (except ChStr).
    Funny isn't it! The library is on a internal 500GB SATA. Before SATA I used a 2x300GB FW800 RAID. Because I did not delete it yet I repeat the same procedure with the RAID. Same results as above.
    So I think there may be another issue.

    Thanks for your help and for the precious time.

  • hello all

    just a short note. Thanks for sharing my thoughts about this thread. You would not accept that for true, but the files of the ChStr were simply damaged for what reason soever (wrong handling probably). After re-installing these files from DVD all works fine and smoothly.

    Special thanks to christian for his quick help!

    best regards