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  • Alternation note on legato patches (?)

    Dears all,
    my question it's easy :
    Example : i am playng Basson prerf leg speed , so the first note have a very hard attack the second note have a very good attack,
    it's possible to choose the attack note ?
    I've tried to place a ghost note before @ min expr level ( muted ) and the subsequent note ( the first in the musical phrase ) sound very good ( for me )
    My simply question is : There is a way for choosing the start "samples" in Legato ?
    Thanks in advance

  • answer or trick......

  • This is a very complex issue. Basically, unlike the previous versions of VSL we have no choice over which repeat note is played, whether in a legato staccato or rep patch. Within legato, if you want to trigger a "start" note again, leave a big gap and cover it with the sustain pedal. This is another case where one size doesn't fit all. I find that the legato threshold is set for some kind of keyboard playing dweeb. It takes no account of the fact that I can actually play properly, and therefore the gap between notes that is necessary to force a start note is far too large. It may suit some people, but certainly not a good keyboard player. I would like the same sort of flexibility as in the Performance tool where we had a choice. Not that I would like to go back to the performance tool. [:(]

    As to choosing your articulations, the best way is to keyswitch them.


  • a few words is not possible to choose......

  • Not the way you want to.


  • ....i know ... but it would have to be possible... [H]

  • Yes, I would also like to be able to force a start note, or choose which staccato note to play. Maybe there will some hope in the next update.


  • ...maybe....we hope....