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  • Legato Clipping on Certain Notes

    Hey there!

    I was playing around with the legato oboe tonight and I heard very distinct clipping between notes. Here is an mp3 of it (you will probably need headphones or good speakers to hear the clipping):">

    It only happens on specific notes. I only recorded legato goint to G4 and F5, but there are others like that. I noticed the same problem on some specific notes on the legato flute and legato clarinet as well. Again, this doesn't happen on every note, just on a bunch of them.

    FYI, it happens with only one patch in memory, with any kind of buffer, on a slave as well as on a host. I tried reinstalling the samples from the DVDs to make sure they weren't corrupted, but it didn't make a difference.


  • Hi Jerome,

    I tried all the patches (BTW: it´s always good to include some information about which Oboe (I or II) and which patch you are referring to), but I couldn´t find any artefacts like the ones I hear in your mp3.

    Just to make sure: What´s the name of the patch you are using?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hey Paul,

    The patch is Oboe I, Perf Legato.

    Anyway, I think I figured out where the problem came from. It only happens when the Attack parameter is set below 10... [[:|]]

    This leads me to another question: what is VI's "default" attack value (if there's one)?


  • Default value is the middle position of the slider (value 50).
    At this position you do not alter the original mapping values.
    In general it does not make sense to lower the attack below default (50), because there are no patches where attack parameter is mapped on a high value.
    Rising up gives you smoother (faded) attacks if you need.


  • hello Jerome,
    i have the same problem, with woodwind legato.
    have you find the solution for the clipping
    thanks Bye