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  • So when will the 64 bit version be ready/available ??!!

    So, I'm chomping at the bit to get into 64 bit world and start exploring restriction free RAM usage.

    I'm using an AMD Athlon 64bit CPU, Windows Vista 64bit is now available for trial, I have Sonar which is 64 bit, I use a Motu 2408mkIII audio interface which has 64 bit drivers now and the final piece of the puzzle is that I was just informed from MusicLab that MOL is releasing a new version next week which will include 64bit drivers.

    So, it's all there except for a native 64-bit VST for Vienna Instruments. Any comments Herb and co? Let's get these nasty RAM loading issues behind us [:D]

  • Has the 64bit VST specs been released by Steinberg yet?


  • hmm.... good point. Crap, I thought I was down to only one developer left to harass.


    Anyone know the answer to this question?

  • I was just looking on and apparently the new VST3 technology was just released with the new Cubase 4. It didn't say anything about 64bit, but I can't imagine that with the 64bit revolution only a few months away with Leopard and Vista knocking on our door that they wouldn't be figuring that in. It would be a HUGE oversight if VST3 was only for 32bit.

    Again, anyone know?

  • Ok I just need to slow down and actually read the content on their page. Here's what it says about VST3

    Cubase Studio 4 not only includes a completely new set of audio effect plug-ins, it also marks the next step in VST plug-in technology! VST3 offers major new features both for plug-in developers and users. VST3 plug-ins can adjust their number of audio busses to the channel they're inserted to (mono, stereo, 5.1, etc.). A silence detection function makes sure that a plug-in only processes audio when there's actually a signal present. This helps to reduce overall CPU load. VST3 plug-ins natively support Mac Intel and 64-bit processing. For developers there are many more features under the hood.

    There it is VST + 64bit. Ok so back to my original question. CM, Herb?

  • Well that's good to know. However, as VST3 has only just been released (and I don't even think that developers had a chance to look at it before release), I think that it may be a while. I am also looking forward to 64bit so that I can slim down my "farm". However, at the moment there are too many variables for me even to contemplate the move. I'd be interested to hear how others (like yourself) get on with 64bit.

    One other thought; I know that Sonar has tha bit bridge thingy in order to be able to use 32bit plags. However, as cakewalk may not have ahad access to VST3 you may need to hassle them about its implemetation in Sonar.