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  • New user having trouble getting VI to work properly with DP

    Computer Macintosh G5 dual processor running at 2.5 GHz with 4 gigs of RAM and OS 10.4.7; Vienna Instruments, version 1.1.

    (1) I installed the Solo Strings yesterday and have been unable to get two instruments to play in DP. I have a file with the violin and cello. The violin will play perfectly when the cello is muted and the violin matrix is selected in the VI plug-in window. When the violin is muted and the cello is selected in the VI window the cello plays. If the violin matrix is selected and I attempt to play both instruments the violin plays perfectly until the cello line starts then the violin sound is interrupted and notes are dropped. I am trying to use the VI Perf-Universal matix and the VC Perf-Univeral matrix. This file was created in Sibelius and exported as a midi file and then imported into DP.

    In DP the only selections I have are for VI are 1-1, 1-2 etc. I have assumed that 1-1 is the first matrix in the list and 1-2 is the second matrix in the list but this just an assumption because nowhere can I find instructions on how to do this. The small manual is of no help. I called ILIO and they did not know.

    (2) There is similar problem with Sibelius. I can get Sibelius to play into VI using the Mac IAC driver. With one instrument muted I can play the other. But it will not play both.

    (3) In the stand alone version of the application there is an empty matrix line in the Matrix assign window. This is absent from this window in the Plug-in version and I cannot delete a matrix.

    I would appreciated any help as I am lost with noone to turn to.

    The inadequate manual is a big dissapointment, especially considering the complexity and cost of this software.

    I thank you in advance.

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    Hello Jerry,

    and welcome! I have moved this topic to our Vienna Instruments Forum, hope you donĀ“t mind...

    Please have a look at our Video Tutorials to learn more about the interface and how to operate it.

    There is also a Vienna Instruments Manual .pdf included in your package. As things are changing with every update, we decided to put the operational information on the Vienna Instruments software in a digital form (there were quite a few improvements in V1.1).

    You will need 1 instance of Vienna Instruments for each instrument you want to play with. This is the whole idea behind it - to have 1 MIDI Channel for 1 instrument, with lots of possibilities for that 1 instrument!

    You can also contact our support any time with any question, or cou can contact me directly:

    Hope I understood your questions correctly (the 3rd one I didnĀ“t get).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • DP gives you 16 midi ch's per instance: 1-1 through 1-16 for a single instance. A second instance will give you 2-1 through 2-16. A third 3-1 through 3-16 etc. This is because many VI's are multi tambral but VSL VI's are not.

    Load your instances into the VRack. Then option click at the bottom of the meter/channel strip on 'Vienna Instrument' and name it what it is: 'Violin' for example. Name each channel in the VRack mixer this way and it will show up in your tracks window according to it's new name. This will end any confusion.

    Hope that Helps.