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  • Stereo or Mono?

    Hey there,

    there's a thing I've been wondering about for quite some time now... are the VI recorded/sampled in stereo or in mono?

    The reason I ask this, is because the VI object in Plogue Bidules gives a stereo output. But I would think that, for example, a flute would be recorded in mono...

    So, what's the official word on this? Is it mandatory to use both stereo outputs from the VI object? Can we use only the left output (mono?) without losing any information?

    Finaly, if this is not possible, would you recommend (or not) mixing a solo, stereo instrument, down to mono? The idea being, if I load flutes and oboes on a Mac Mini, to have the flute on one channel, and the oboe on the other channel...

    I'm really wondering if this is possible without losing any of the high quality of the VI samples.

    Any answer would be appreciated.


  • It's all stereo. Don't use panning on the files you have to use a placement tool (more DAW have one included for example in Logic it's called Directional Mixer). I don't recommend summing them down to mono although you can but you should use something like Waves S1 or the directional mixer first if you do (width=0). One idea is to take the stereo mix and convert it into two mono files, then just use one of the files since it is a single microphone. Well, that's one way anyway. If you're talking about having mono samples loaded, no, Vi does not do that.


  • Hello Jerome,

    we had several discussions on this topic during the years in our "Post-Pro & Mixing"-forum. Feel invited to take a glance (and post your questions, of course).

    All the best,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library