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    hi to all
    I wish purchase an apple mac book pro the new release
    intel core 2 2,33ghz 2 gb of ram 120 gb at 5400 gir/min 15'' widescreen
    ati mobility radeon X1600 256 mb

    while I have imac g5 1,8 ghz 764 mb ram 160 gb serial ata 7200 gir/min
    20'' widesreen nvidia 64 mb

    I will have a real increase of performance?
    I don't know cause years ago I bought a powerbook but it was slower than the towercpu

    whit this macbook pro can I work properly with yours library? and with protools and plug ins like waves?
    the macbook pro cost 2500 euro so if anyone can give me a help befoe spend all tis euro
    thank you

  • i forget
    i know the library need Fast separate harddrive. but the internal disk of macbook pro is 5400 gir/min and not 7200
    it is a problem?

  • While the MacBook Pro will be significantly faster than your iMac,if you don't absolutely need a laptop computer I would consider purchasing the MacPro desktop. This is a more powerful computer, is more flexible than any laptop - - and can access more RAM than the MacBook Pro - - the MacBook Pro is limited to 3GB of RAM. On the other hand, no single computer can run the entire Vienna Instruments Symphonic Cube.

  • Stevesong: but this possibility is only really around the corner for us all now - 12 months to 18 months at the most is my prediction for all the hardware and software to be up to date for this purpose.


  • Cristian:

    If you decide to buy a MacBook Pro, it would be good if you had a separate 7200RPM Firewire drive for samples and did not use the internal drive for that purpose. If, on the other hand, you decide to purchase a MacPro desktop, then you can install up to 3 SATA drives in addition to the one that comes with themachine. These drives are generally much less expensive than a separate firewire drive because you just insert a bare drive in the machine so there is no expense for the bridge circuit or the case. SATA drives are als faster than Firewire drives. (price of a 250GB SATA drive is around $85.00 vs. $150-$190 for a 250GB Firewire drive.) However the other significant limitation of the MacBook Pro is that it cannot address more than 3GB of RAM - -this simply a fact that will prove an important limitation to the number of samples you will be able to load.

    You may be right. Rumor has it that 8 processor core MacPro Desktops are likely in the first part of 2007 and that these will, like present MacPro desktop machines, have a 16GB RAM capacity. However to adress that much RAM with one application, the OS, the host program (e.g. Logic) and the sample software must be 64bit. There are ways around this in the interim - - see the thread "Vienna Instruments Plugin + Standalone and Logic??," but these workarounds have significant drawbacks and it would seem unlikely that, until everything really is 64bit and designed to use multiple processors, one would be able to load anything like the entire Vienna Instrument Library on one machine. On the other hand, since the MacBook Pro cannot address more than 3GB of RAM, it will never be able to do this.

  • stevesong: Leopard is due out around the same time as the 8core machines are rumoured. Vista is also 64 bit. It is only in the VSL's interest to develop for 64bit. yes it will cost money, yes it will take time, but it will result in massive benefits for all G5 owners, and Mac Pro owners, plus PC owners as soon as their machines stop s***ing. he he he. [[[:D]]] [[[:D]]] [[[:D]]] [:P] sorry, couldn't help myself I meant to say as soon as their machines can carry more which, the hardware side of things will now be soon forced to provide now that Vista is 64bit. Whether Vi is 64bit by July next year, or as late as November 07, the fact is I'm sure they will take the trouble to do it. Of course I don't know, and yes, it's pure speculation, but it only makes sense. They are opening up the power of the library for all users and potential users alike and this will hugely affect core loyalty and incentive to purchase for new users. Plus VSL aren't the type of people to ignore such a huge technical benefit - they also seem like the same passionate types who will do it because they can and because it's better. Well, that's my 2c worth. We will see how it "pans" out...

    Anyway, with a G5 or greater and 4 - 5 Gigs of ram I think the problem is really not ram it is cpu power. You can load the library several times over if you use the optimise feature where necessary. CPU is the major obivous bottleneck now not RAM (IMO).