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  • Request for Sordino Perf-Trills.....

    Hi Herb,

    I have a request.
    Would it be possible to record or edit together Con Sordino Perf-Trills for the Violas and the Celli?

    Going back and forth between two notes in 8th notes is very common in suspenseful-film cues and the texture of choice usually is Con Sordino.



  • Yesss,

    and Herb by the way:

    could we get more Sordino articulations pleaaase.
    The sordinos are pretty limited in VI and such beautiful and often used sound.
    That´s´my wish for Christmas [[[;)]]] javascript:emoticon('[[[;)]]]')



  • Oh cmon guys.........

    Are we the only two users that understand the perf-trill preset? .....I seriously doubt that.

    It is probably the single most powerful / useful tool in the library!

    it is NOT just for trills....(you use it whenever you rock back and forth between 2 notes that are a perfect-fifth or less know that basic-instinct thing) It's THE preset that brings the strings alive.

    It's name is a bit unfortunate as it implies that it is exclusively for trills. This is NOT the case.

    If no one backs me up on this we will not see any sordino perf-trills.


  • I'm totally with you svonkampen. Couldn't agree more about the Sordino-Perf Trills. It would be a tremendous advantage.


  • Since I haven't seen the posting of the articulations of the new Appassionata Strings, it would be wonderful to see them there also. More reason for me to purchase them.

    But on Orchestral Violins, yeah baby!

    Layering sordinos with other articualtions are wonderful.

  • I would agree - the Perf-Trill patches (across the board) are the most used patches in this studio. They are a RAM hog - but worth it.