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  • VSL Podcast 24 (The VSL Interviews part IV)

    This week I interview Martin Tichy at the Vienna Opera House over a not so quiet coffee. And some nice music showcased, this week it is Christof Unterberger (One of the Cello players in the VSL sample library).

    Hope you enjoy.

  • Hetoreyn,

    A big thank you for this series of interviews, and the work you put into bringing this to us. It was interesting to hear the comments of the VSL team, and their philosophy, and a thanks to them as well, particularly, for me, the technical aspects of sample mixing and engineering. I learnt a lot, and will remember much of what was said as a reference to go to when trying to improve my own work.

    Perhaps you and the team could do this again in the future, with possible discussion about hardware, software, networking (with the VSL champion of Bits and Bytes, CM?), and the development of the instruments. I'd also like to compliment everyone on their excellent grasp of english. The team came across very well, and even an engineering layman like me had no trouble understanding the points being made, so my compliments and respect to those involved.

    I can also understand and agree with Dietz's reluctance to get involved in presets. There are so many variables to take into account, and the possibility that someone who may currently write freely, and explore new avenues of sound and it's production could feel some 'intent' to stick to presets as the perceived 'right' way to go, hence losing something in the process.

    The comments about reverb and its multiple application were priceless for me, and i've been hammering the laptop, experimenting with this, with a noticeable improvement already. A real gem of knowledge to have that will help constantly. (Thanks, Dietz and Michael.)
    I only speak for myself, but it certainly highlights the limitations of both Logic, and my own modest skills, in a most positive and challenging sense. Food for much thought and reflection for the future.

    My respects also go to Christof for the music this week, and a nice contrast with Chang Lee's Nights of Persia. I enjoyed this one the first time around. (Reminds me of exotic belly dancers. Hmmmmmmm)

    So thanks again, Hetoreyn, and a cheerful hello from a cold and snow laden Moscow.



    p.s. How are you getting on with the Stereo Pan?

  • Hey Hermitage,

    Thanks for the great comments. I learned a hell of a lot from talking to Dietz myself and it's always interesting to learn new ways of doing music. As for the stereo panner you suggested to me .. I like it .. It's a Pro-tools style panner for logic. I'm working on a comparison demo for the next show. You'll have to let me know where you got it so I can put it up on my website and credit the right people.

    I'm using it with the Dir Mix plug .. gives you a hell of a lot of control over position and width.

    There will be more interviews coming up soon. Which I think you will all find equally interesting to hear. More on that soon. [:D]

  • Hey.

    nice show and very interesting interviews with the VSL team!

    you should check out this guy:

    maybe a candidate for an interview about orchestral sample libraries, midi orchestration, etc.

  • and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.