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  • CPU oddity ...??

    Dears all,
    i am using Logic on G5 Dualcore 2.3 8 GB ram and V.I.
    I am working on a song and have builded a template covering all orchestral articulations i need for.
    So when the poliphony reach the maximum value the cpu are "obviously" going to problem.....but i have tried to exchange some articulation using another sample library in Kontakt 2 and big surprise the cpu request getting low !!!
    So i have exchanged all the basic sustained articulation using K2 and the cpu going
    deeply lower....
    Can someone explane this ?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Anton:

    You don't have to mention the name of the library, but can you compare the size of the samples in each case? Were the samples to be streamed through K2 less than those which were released from VSL?

  • 24 bit....and i am talking about substitute just the 4 layer sustained samples...

  • Very interesting. I know what you're talking about, although I do not have an answer, unfortunately. I have experienced this as well. The drop in CPU load for what appears to be a small swap seems unexpectedly large.

    I would contact someone on the VSL team with more details-- explaining everything you have loaded, from what hard drive you are streaming each collection.

    It could be that if you have lots of instances of VI running concurrently that the CPU works harder to keep tabs of all the instances' file references-- whereas with one instance of any VI the samples do not have to be streamed to multiple consoles. That is only my gut suspicion, but I would love to know more about this myself.

    Thanks for the question.

  • ...V.I. are streaming from 2nd SATA disk, other lybz from fw800 hd.

  • ...i've try to stream from 2 dedicated fw800's the same...anyway i know
    the limit.....