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  • Plogue and 3gb Switch?

    Anyone using Plogue with the 3gb switch? Or know if they're planning on a LAA release of the program? I'm changing out a couple of Giga PC's into VST hosts and want to be able load as many VI's as possible. I know FX teleport is LAA: is that a solid program and does it compare well to Plogue?

    Any suggestions would be welcome.


  • I just happened to have done some extensive testing with hosts last week.
    Slave Setup 1 (PC): Bidule vs. Forte vs. Sonar
    Slave Setup 2 (Mac): Bidule vs. DP

    Winner for vst hosting hands down is Bidule. My primary concern was latency and Bidule was much quicker than the others at getting the audio to my host computer (Mac G5 running DP)

    Bidule can be made LAA aware with the brilliant LaaTiDo app that Mr. M has generously posted and works fine. I am using it on an AMD 3500+ PC with 4GB RAM and the 3GB switch setup. I can access aprox 2.8 G of RAM in Bidule with VI. I use 2 instances of Altiverb and my processor is barely breaking a sweat.

    Im using a Hammerfall card outputting via lightpipe to my main rig and I can get less latency with Bidule and a buffer of 128 then I could with either Sonar or Forte.

    FX teleport though, I've never been able to use because the Mac version which was supposed to be released in Q2 of 2006 [:(] is still not available. But I've been waiting with baited breath to try it. So you might want to get someone else's input on the FXT experience.

    If your looking for a good VST host though, try Bidule. I definitely reccommend it.

  • Thanks a whole lot for that. Can you post the link to that app? Is that from Mattias?

    Also are you running Plogue outside of DP on the mac? I haven't been able to get that to work without crackles during fast passges with a fair amount of polyphony. Even on say a single string patch.

  • My slaves are all pc. I tested bidule on the mac outside of DP merely for latency comparison. I didn't load it up and try much polyphony. I do know that in my experience, the dsp indicator is a little strange. I've found that once I get past about 60% on the meter, I start getting crackling. Not sure what it measures, but it's not an accurate reflection of how much CPU headroom you have left.

  • I am actually going to do some testings on monday to see if the DSP value relates to the CPU or, more likely, to the audio interface you're using.

    I've also come across the crackling issue when the DSP value is too high (around 60% usually). So I'm going to try with a totally different audio interface and see if it makes any difference, good or bad.

    I'll keep you posted on that...


  • Very good info guys and thank you.

    I think I still had the problem with a single track of six voices playing and not too much showing in DSP (maybe 40% - but will check again) One very telling thing was turning the Release samples on and off because obviously the polyphony shoots way up with them on and the crackles are more pronounced. Perhaps the player will have to be modified by VSL to go beyond 64 voices to get more overhead.

    A friend told me that programs running in the backround of DAW cpu's is just not a happy marriage with both sharing the same resources and more importantly the same sound card

  • Dear Magnumpraw,
    First, I hope I spelled that right. You mentioned using Sonar in one of your tests. I also get that it was less satisfactory than your DP test. I have two identical machines. One has Sonar 5PE and one has GS3 and VSL Horizon Opus 1&2. I'm thinking of migrating to VI and thinking I might put some VI content on the sequencing machine and some on the "old" GS3 machine. Both are 3.2GB p4s with 4GB of RAM each.
    When you ran the Sonar test, were you running VI on a separate machine from your Sonar machine? Please refresh me on this. Did you have to tweak both Sonar and insert the 3GB switch on your Sonar computer? What failures did you experience with Sonar? Were you able to make Sonar LA aware?
    Sorry for the dumb questions. I'm blind and don't have the option of going to another host/platform etc. Sonar has been optimized for the blind using a combination of 3rd party custom appss that allow us to work efficiently without needing to see the screen or use a mouse. I'm a beta tester for this solution and hope that VI can become a part of it some day.