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  • How do I do the equivilent of the .art file?

    I've just recently purchased my VI Standard & Extended and am slowly transitioning it into my set up.

    Currently I'm still using the ProEd with Gigastudio and have almost all of my perf lagato instrument converted with the .art files...I love using the dynamic range via the mod wheel-it gives me so much expression especially with the strings and horns.

    This may be a silly question and I may just be missing something but how do I get this same function with the VI.

    I'm right in the middle of a rediculous production schedule so I really haven't had time to dig into the VI's so I apologize if I'm missing the obvious! But any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Just found it in the video tutorial....

  • Good..........! It's so easy I'm sure that you are kicking yourself. [8-)]


  • Hey DG!

    ...can you say "dweeb" Or as Bugs Bunny used to say..."What a Maroon!!!" Oh well! This interface is so incredible cool! Wo! The more I dig the more I find...writing is gonna be a joy with this!

    I'm putting in 4 Mac Minis starting Monday using "Wormhole 2" for audio and "MidiOverLan" for midi. I've been testing all this on my MacBook before I start pulling the PC's (running into my G5). So far everthing works...and works great...go figure (how often do we get to say that!)! Wormhole is a great substitute for FX-Teleport for us Mac users (at least until it becomes available for Mac) And since the Mac Minis only have the "optical" outputs, this looks to be a great solution. Not to mention getting rid of all those cables!

    I'll probably do another post once I get this system up and running...I know there's been quite a bit of chatter about the Minis and outputting etc, so hopefully all this will play out and be a viable solution.