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  • Ensemble Strings issues


    I don't know if this has already been discussed, but the Ensemble Strings sustain patches are completely buggy here... some notes drop in the middle (when played soli), there are some weird noises, louds bangs and stuff like that...

    I emailed the VSL team a while back about that, but it doesn't seem this has been resolved, or even looked at.

    This is really annoying considering that there are not so many Ensemble strings articulation, and these samples are absolutely necessary to our workflow...


  • Firstly have you installed the updates? Secondly, you'll have to be very specific about which notes or nobody will be able to reproduce your problems.


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    Yes, I did install the updates.

    The problem is pretty much random... but happens a lot.

    Check this mp3 file.

    The sequence looks like this (a basic C scale):">

    So, you can hear that it's just going completely crazy... notes dropping off, unwanted samples, etc...

    I would like to add that this is not the only setup on which we had this problem. And, I know two other composers who went through the same problem, without being able to fix it...


  • It sounds like a MIDI loop somewhere in the chain, but if it only happens on the Ensemble Strings (which I've never used) then this seems unlikely. I will test it out later today when I can afford the time.


  • Hi Jerome
    whoa - that sounds weird. The ending note sounds like its modulated by a pitch wheel, some sounds like pedal down smearing - and some sound like
    a loop with a wrong crossover point.

    I have not so far encountered similar problems with my strings.
    What patch are you using? - I can check it out on my setup - PC/Sonar.
    Then we can establish if this is a platform specific problem.

  • The problem happened on a Mac Mini (Intel) and on a PowerMac Dual 2Ghz.

    It happens when I trigger it as a slave AND when I play right from the VI GUI. So I don't think it's "slave" related. I could do more testings to be sure though.

    This only happens with these Ensemble Strings patches. I'll check on monday and see with what samples exactly.

    I'm not sure if it also happens with the sustain Ensemble Chamber Strings, I think I did a test a while back but I don't remember the results, so I'll keep you posted for these too.


  • OK, I have no problem at all with the Ensemble Strings. All articulations play fine and they seem to be OK at all velocity levels. Therefore, it sounds like a system problem at your end. Those "piano" sounds that keep popping in can't be coming from VI, as there is no piano in the library, so I still think that it is some sort of MIDI loop. I would also hazard a guess to say that the other composers that you mentioned who were having a problem are also using Logic!!!! I think that this is where the problem lies, as I can't get the effect that it so apparent in your mp3 using Nuendo (on PC). I'm sorry that I can't help, but at least you know that the original samples (I've installed no sample updates yet) are clean.


  • "It happens when I trigger it as a slave AND when I play right from the VI GUI."

    If it happens when you use the mouse to click on a single note on the GUI, that rules out a MIDI problem. My guess is this is some kind of system overload caused by the unusually large number of layered samples (cellos, violas and violins) used in the string patch. (You call it Ensemble Strings, which I can't find - is the patch in question maybe '04 Strings sus vib' from the '20 Strings orchestra' folder?)

    When you test it again, I suggest you disable the reverb and turn off any other active programs or plug-ins - they may be contributing to the excessive CPU load. Good luck!

    P.S. The reiterated 'D' note which sounds a bit like a piano is probably one of the string samples' loops sounding intemittently due to the glitch.

  • Another suggestion, maybe your database got corrupted during or shortly after the installation of the soundcontent.
    If you have copied the corrupted database to other computers you'll might have the same problems with the same patches on different systems.

    So if you can be sure, that you don't have any midirouting problems, I would try to install the soundcontent of the strings once again.
    To be 100% safe, I would recommend to copy the datas from the DVDs to your hardrive and start the installation process there.

    Don't forget to remove the old database from your Directory Manager before testing.


  • Thanks guys for the suggestion. I'll try them on monday morning and will let you know!


  • Ok, the problem did come from a corrupted database. I reinstalled the whole Strings I and II libraries, and didn't have any problem after that.

    So, I guess that was the issue [;)]

    Good to know!!!