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  • Repetitions across matrix changes?

    Okay, here's an actual question for a change.

    If an instrumental part has a repetition, will the VI store the repeated pitch even across articulation or matrix changes? That is, if I have an fp on B3, followed by a progr-vib on B3, will the progr-vib play its alternation (which seems to be a fairly "juicy" vibrato)?

    If this is the programmed behavior, is there a way to reset it, or force it to forget the previous note (and thus play the first alternation of the progr-vib -- the one with the progr-vib)?


    ---- okay, I figured it out: "reset to sustain" will send it back to the first attack. But I'll leave this post up in case anyone's interested. This, by the way, is a pretty clever way of approaching repetitions, though, in this case, I'd prefer something a little dumber! [;)] ------------------------------------------